Up to three post-doctoral positions are available in our group!

Research will be focused on methodological development for computer simulations of RNA molecules and/or on the application of advanced simulation techniques to RNA folding and RNA-protein interaction. Ideal candidates should have a background in Physics or Chemistry, and experience in computer simulation of biomolecules. Experience in either (a) development of enhanced sampling methods (e.g. replica exchange, biased molecular dynamics), (b) force-field development for biomolecules, or (c) molecular simulation of nucleic acids using atomistic or coarse-grain models will be taken into account. Positions will be three-years long, extendable if necessary, and are expected to start between September 2013 and September 2014. Salary will be in line with European standards.

In case you are interested, please contact the principal investigator as soon as possible. Include your full Curriculum Vitae, list of publications, a brief statement of your interest in our research, and names and email addresses of at least two references.

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